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Celebrating over 30 years of delivering quality, value and expertise to the dairy industry and beyond.

Founded in 1982, Filtration Engineering began as a membrane process consulting firm. The primary focus was to help dairy processors evaluate the best membrane technologies for their operations, to meet their customers' needs for systems, replacement membranes and parts.

In 1984, Filtration Engineering introduced the demineralizing Ultra-Osmosis® membrane to the dairy industry and created an entirely new membrane process also referred to as nanofiltration.

Other developments over the years in new filtration technology and process control innovations improved the quality and operability of our systems, ensuring trouble free processing and low maintenance costs for our customers:

•      First to install sanitary 8" diameter membrane systems
        in dairy plants (from 3.8" diameter).

•      Design and installation of high capacity 300-400
        gallon/minute (from 100-150 gallon/minute) Ultrafiltration

•      First to supply high total solids concentration
        Ultra-Osmosis® systems for WPC and WPI production
        resulting in reduced drying costs.

•      First to design and sypply RO systems high solids, skim
        and whole milk concentration.